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Eco-Friendly Building Education

Energy Efficiency

Energy efficiency can be achieved in many aspects of the design and building process by using house orientation, glazing, floor construction and more to your advantage.

Glazing for Thermal Performance

The impact of glazing to the thermal performance of a building is significant and complex. We will offer well thought out advice on the selection of glazing options to achieve best results possible for your glazing requirements.

Solar Photovoltaic Systems

Solar Photovoltaic Systems generate clean, safe and in our climate relatively reliable electricity. They operate silently and without any moving parts or environmental emissions (other than those required to manufacture all the components and transport to site).

Timber is a Sustainable building material

Most of the energy used in the production of building materials is derived from fossil fuels, and embodied energy is a significant indicator of a materials impact on the carbon cycle. As timber and other forest products is largely made from atmospheric carbon, they do not have the same relationship between embodied energy and the carbon cycle as other building materials.

Eco Concept Constructions

Bundaberg and the Sunshine Coast.

Sustainable, environmentally responsible building practices

The journey to your Eco Concept home in just 6 steps

It doesn’t have to be a stressful experience to build a new home, with Eco Concept we are here to help you enjoy the journey to building and realising your dream home.