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Eco Concept Constructions

Our core difference & advantages

With over 40 year’s experience in the building industry and passion
for the environment, we believe there’s a better way to build.

Our difference

Our difference

To build stunning homes that are comfortable all year round. To inspire clients to realise their dream home whilst incorporating eco-friendly building principles & providing a sustainable future

Why build green

Why build green

Having an eco-friendly home may not be your focus but once you learn about the data backed benefits, we are sure you will be a convert, enjoying the benefit of year round comfort, knowing you’ve made a sound financial investment

Eco building services

Eco building services

We are a complete building solution offering eco-friendly, solar passive house design services including site evaluation. We also provide consulting service to assist you with sustainability & energy efficient selections. Our expert residential & commercial building team are here to help you.

An example of a home build with green benefits

Building green benefits

Our homes will make your life more comfortable, with natural lighting and decreased reliance on heating and cooling, directing the flow of natural breezes for cooling and ventilation whilst protecting our environment for future generations.

Dream home build by Eco Concept Constructions

Who we build for

We work with clients who wish to lower their environmental impact but not compromise on the quality and design features of their new home in the Bundaberg and Sunshine Coast region.

The journey to your Eco Concept home in just 6 steps

It doesn’t have to be a stressful experience to build a new home, with Eco Concept we are here to help you enjoy the journey to building and realising your dream home.