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We are here to help our clients through the whole process of building your dream home. Chris is an experienced professional in the building industry in both domestic and commercial construction. He has been involved in all aspects of building, as a carpenter, building supervisor and builder for clients or builders, from planning and signing contracts through to the satisfactory completion of their respective projects.

With over 40 years experience in the building industry and more recently, in the last few years, Chris has been studying part-time, online for a Diploma of Building Design to pursue a passion for designing homes to best suit and utilise the environmental and climate conditions of your block. In other words to design your home to suit your block of land rather than recklessly excavate the block with massive 'cut and fill' to make a 'standard off the shelf' house plan fit. Some project builders often positioning houses on blocks with little or no regard to where the sun path is in relation to your living areas and bedrooms.

We have all probably lived in, or even just stayed in a house that is either really hot in summer or freezing cold in winter, using massive amounts of electricity to cool or heat these buildings. It's likely these homes may be fitted with little or no insulation or the wrong positioning of windows considering their size, type or orientation. This is the down side to choosing an 'off the shelf' house plan and making it fit onto the block, hoping to save money on building design fees and house plans, with no regard to sun paths.

The design stage is the time to sort these issues out, as often it can be a very costly expense to rectify design deficiencies in these 'hot houses' after they have been built.

As a free service to people interested in building a modern eco-friendly, energy efficient house we are happy to meet you on your site to discuss the benefits of custom designing and building your dream home.

To Achieve This We Offer;

  • Free Site Consultation and Evaluation
  • A Building Design Service including 3D Elevations for your Custom Designed House Plans 
  • A 6 Step Building Process, keeping you updated and involved as your dream home is created

Eco Concept Constructions

Bundaberg and the Sunshine Coast.

Sustainable, environmentally responsible building practices

The journey to your Eco Concept home in just 6 steps

It doesn’t have to be a stressful experience to build a new home, with Eco Concept we are here to help you enjoy the journey to building and realising your dream home.