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Free Site Consultation and Evaluation

We are pleased to offer a free site consultation and evaluation to prospective clients

We are pleased to offer a free site consultation and evaluation to prospective clients. Initially we meet on your block of land and discuss with you what your ideas are for your dream home and with that information we look at how we can position the house for optimum passive solar orientation. The more information we gather from you allows us to form design concepts that would meet your needs.

If you haven't selected your block as yet and have narrowed your choices down to about 3 or 4, we would provide assistance to help you select which block offers the best opportunity for passive solar orientation. 

Our recommendation on block selection is not intended to substitute or provide information that a Professional Valuer is qualified to provide with regard to current property value or projected property value.

Once we have established that you want to proceed with a building design, we continue to gather information and documents about your block such as:

  • Obtain copy of registered plan of the site and of the estate
  • Obtain copy of the surveyor's contour plan and location of any Datum point and level
  • Verify site identification survey pegs has been done for the site by surveyor
  • Determine any favourable views or unpleasant views for consideration in design
  • Obtain information for location and layout of existing services e.g.. power, water supply & pressure, phone, sewer line and connection point and stormwater requirements
  • Obtain a copy of Geotechnical report if it has been carried out? (at owners expense )
  • Check with council if any vegetation protection requirements apply for the site
  • Download copy of Planning Scheme 2017 Parcel Report from council website
  • Download copy of sun paths specific to the block (both winter and summer)
  • Download copy of local weather information, including temperatures, rain days and wind direction
  • Confirm site is suitable for building and if any encroachments apply such as other buildings, fences, driveways or trees

Once these items are verified we can proceed and use this information for consideration in the design process.

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