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Sustainable Homes & Building for Energy Efficiency

It all starts with clever passive solar design which can be used to optimise the free energy from the sun by choosing optimum orientation, shading techniques and the correct thermal glazing, including the size and style of window and position in the house. Sustainable materials are selected on a life cycle basis, considering environmental impacts during procurement and sourcing sustainably-harvested materials with low embodied energy. For example selecting our timber supply from local plantation forests, looking at the distance required to travel for manufacturing and then distance required to supply to site. Also considering the product use and its long term durability and quality which offer a secure investment and doesn't compare or compete with the cheaper products (often imported).

Key benefits of energy efficient & sustainable building

Our sustainable building service will help you future-proof your investment with a home design that:

  • gives your building the highest possible energy rating, up to 10 Stars
  • provides substantially lower costs for your energy, water, maintenance or repairs
  • is water efficient and only high quality plumbing fittings and fixtures supplied
  • maximises natural daylight and ventilation reducing power consumption
  • is comfortable to live in, creating a healthy, safe home for you live, work and play
  • create beautiful spaces for your family, bringing form and function together
  • controls humidity and temperature, for maximum comfort
  • upgraded insulation that minimises the need for artificial heating and cooling
  • longer durable building life and increased asset value
  • responds to the environment, climate and to the site that the house sits on

To learn more about the benefits of Sustainable Building, read more at our Education Centre

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Sustainable, environmentally responsible building practices

The journey to your Eco Concept home in just 6 steps

It doesn’t have to be a stressful experience to build a new home, with Eco Concept we are here to help you enjoy the journey to building and realising your dream home.